Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is the difference between satin white & gloss white paint?

Difference between satin white & gloss white paint.

There are a few different sheens of paint. High gloss, gloss, semi gloss, satin, egg shell, and flat. The difference between satin and gloss is the amount of sheen. Gloss paint is usually used for trim and cabinets and has a very shiny look. Satin is usually used for walls that get a lot of traffic and is easier to clean than a flat. Remember that the higher the sheen the more visible the flaws will be in what you're painting.

Satin White is 50% Gloss White and 50% Flat White.

There are three levels of "shininess"
Matt - not at all shiny
Silk - a bit shiny
Gloss - shiny

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