Monday, October 29, 2007

The main techniques for applying decals.

In previous my posts on this blog I have already wrote about how to glue different model parts, and you can read how to remove paint and chrome from a model and best method to remove old paint from a model.

Today we will talk about Different and basic technique for applying decals to our models.
So lets go!
For Tricky Decals - Decals that seem to not to want to lay down can be coaxed
into doing so with the following technique. WARNING - this is tricky - if you aren't careful you can make a big mess. Lift up the decal and apply a small amount of liquid cement to the model's surface with an old brush. Blow the decal down with your breath or use a light single stroke with a brush.
The glue will melt the decal thus adhering it to the model. If you are careful this coes out great. If you touch the decal while the glue is setting it will smear like paint - the decal at this point it melted and until it dries is very susceptable to damage. Once it dries it will be fine. I've used this on old decals (from 1960's kits) and those tricky
German losenge patterns.
Wait 2-3 days before dullcoating - Always wait at least two days after applying decals before applying a dull or gloss laquer coat. The moisture in the decals will react badly to the laquer if you coat too soon and the decals will wrinkle.

  • Cut away all decal film you can do easily. Use a very sharp knife, don't press hard as you don't have to cut the paper.
  • Put a few drops of Micro Set into the water before you wet the decals.
  • Wet the decal, but don't let it stay in the water.
  • Apply Micro Set to the surface you want the decal.
  • Slide it there.
  • Press down with a soft brush, blot off excess water.
  • Brush on Micro Sol, press down gently.
  • Place the kit so the decal lies horizontally (if possible).
  • Let dry slightly, apply more Micro Sol, press down. Don't worry about small wrinkles, but try to smooth down large ones. The decal will contract again when it dries.
Repeat about twice.
No guarantees, but this is what works best for me.
(Posted by Urban Fredriksson)