Monday, August 20, 2007

Verlinden 120mm U.S. Grant figure

Verlinden's 120mm resin Lieutenant-General U.S. Grant, pretty much straight out of the box. Everything you see here came from the kit, including the nicely printed period map, the binoculars and the base.

I like painting figures, and seem to have the most fun with figures around the 120mm mark. Larger than that and they get kind of cumbersome and tedious; smaller than that and they become difficult for me to paint. But 120mm is a nice size, at least for me.

Mostly I used so-called "craft paints" on Grant, mostly Delta Ceramcoat. I like these paints because they're easy to access, are quite inexpensive, mix easily, and clean up easily. They don't stick particularly well and like all acrylics don't support on-the-figure shading and highlighting, but I'm not that involved. If my technique of using washes and drybrushing won't win me any awards at model shows, well, I'm okay with that.

Thank you for attention!